Image of Princess in the Making


Image of Princess in the Making
PRINCESS IN THE MAKING (4.5) by Michelle Celmer: Prince Marcus Salvatora didn’t like Vanessa Reynolds before he met her — he’s sure the American gold digger was trying to use his father, the king, for a free ride. But when Vanessa’s beauty and open, honest nature go to his head, he’s terrified he’s fallen for his father’s fiancée. Vanessa has traveled to Varieo to see if she was really in love with a king nearly twice her age, but she seems to be losing her heart to his devilishly handsome son. How can she have one without destroying the other? Complex plot twists, a lush principality and a handsome prince all combine to whisk the reader into a tale so evocative they will smell the exotic flowers in bloom.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper