With mere hours before Haydon Kent, Marquess of Redmond, suffers the hangmans noose for a crime he didnt commit, , Genevieve MacPhail walks into the cell to collect a wayard lad.

Having devoted her life to rescuing hapless unfortunates, Genevieve had arranged with the Constable to take him in. Her visit becomes Haydons vehicle for escape, but little does Gevevieve realize that through his plan she would come to harbor a criminal.

Its not going to be easy, but Genevieve believes Haydon is innocent. When her former fianci and the Constable pay an unexpected visit, she devises a plan to pass Haydon off as her husband, Maxwell Blake, who has just arrived from Glasglow.

It is a dangerous game they play. Haydon will do nothing to put his saviour and her family in peril and he cannot leave her in her hour of need. Then there is the matter of proving his innocence. When their lives are threatened by someone from Haydons past, the puzzle begins to fall into place. Will Haydon be too late to save the woman he loves and his new family?

THE PRISONER is a remarkable and heart-warming tale of boundless love, redemption, and the courage of the human spirit to carry on in the face of seemingly impossible odds. Once again Karyn Monk gifts readers with a love story to cherish. Haydon, Genevieve and the lovable cast of characters will steal your heart as you lose yourself within the pages of this wonderful love story. SENSUAL (Jun., 370 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor