Lady Glenys Seymour is simply making a trip to the bank, but the eccentric elderly relatives that she cares for insist she take her heaviest cloak and some special gifts, magical objects to help her on her journey.

Glenys protests, as the trip is a brief one and she doesnt believe in magic. Shes sure theres a perfectly natural reason why the ancient chess queen has glowing eyes that change color and the little white stone shines in the dark and the powder has wondrous effects on water or smoke. But the gifts must be accepted in the end because Glenys loves her relatives.

Sure enough, her outing to the bank turns into an adventure when Kieran Fitzallen steals her away, kidnapping her and taking her on a journey during which shell learn that magiclike true lovereally does exist.

A mix of medieval romance and fantastic Welsh folklore, innovative and totally appealing characters, a perfect dusting of humor, plus high action and sexual tensionthis one has everything for a rich diversion. Sensual (Dec., 314 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger