Eight days. One hundred women. Can Captain Adamarik Zingh and his crew leave the pirate life behind, find wives and set up a self-governing colony on an uninhabited planet? Adam's plan starts off well enough when he and his men board a Dominion prison ship, offering freedom (in a sense) to at least 100 women.

Adam doesn't need to look among the 400 or so female prisoners to see who he wants for his wife. It takes him only seconds to determine that elected cell block captain Evena McClure is the woman for him. Evena has a different agenda, however, as her family back on earth has nearly arranged for her pardon.

First-time author Devlin truly catches the reader's attention with this hot and sensual book. The intense passion is accentuated by the goals of Adam and his men, making it a great read. (dl $4.95)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor