Mary Wine’s latest romance is a well-crafted historical tale of love, danger and the high seas. Wine’s hero and heroine are passionate and will quickly endear themselves to readers. Captain Warren Rawlins manages to be both ruthless and honorable while Lorena St. John is a spitfire with a compelling backstory. The pair set off sparks from the moment they meet. The evolution of their feelings from anger to passion and eventually to love will engage the reader. Wine’s skill with pacing and dialogue are evident as this tale is full of witty banter and spicy moments.

Orphan Lorena St. John was raised by a cruel stepfather so early on she learned to hide her spirit behind a mask of submission—or suffer the consequences. But Lorena is unable to maintain this facade when, against her will, she is sent to the Caribbean to be married to the British Commissioner of Bermuda. Just after her arrival, the Commissioner strikes her for refusing to take off her bonnet and then has her locked outside in the harsh Caribbean sun as punishment.

American Captain Warren Rawlis is on a mission to rescue his family after they have been wrongfully imprisioned by the British Commissioner of Bermuda. When Warren sees Lorena locked outside he knows that he can use this opportunity to gain the leverage he needs. Although it goes against his morals, Warren makes a desperate move: he takes Lorena as a hostage in order to negotiate his family’s release. He only wants to use her as a bargaining chip—he never intends to fall in love with his beautiful captive. But when he does, Warren must choose between saving his family or the woman he loves. (SAMHAIN PUBLISHING, December 2010, dl. $5.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Lizzie Poteet