Antiquities expert Jema Shaw is living on borrowed time. A diabetic since birth, she is kept alive by the specialized treatments her family doctor provides. Working by day at the museum owned by her family, Jema also moonlights with the police as a crime scene specialist. It is at the scene of a murder that Jema is enticed by an unkempt man with fire in his eyes.

Darkyn Thierry Durand's grasp on sanity has slipped following the betrayal of his wife and his capture and torture by the "Brethren," who live to destroy the Darkyn (vampires). Thierry's close friend and the leader of the U.S. branch of Darkyn, Michael Cyprien, wants Thierry captured and helped. But it is Thierry's encounter with Jema that begins to lift him out of the madness.

Now he approaches her in her dreams, building a world of sensual and intimate fantasies. The real world can't be ignored, however, and it soon has Jema caught in the middle of a battle between the Darkyn and the deadly Brethren.

Picking up where her debut novel left off, the talented Viehl continues to build the complex world surrounding her exceptional new series. The Darkyns' world is gritty, dark and hazardous, which makes relationships all the more precious. A most intriguing book. (Oct., 295 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith