In "Playing for Keeps," Jace feels incapable of remaining faithful to just one woman -- but he hasn't met Maddy yet! This lady plays to win, and Jace is her prize.

"Master, May I?" is the story of Andre, a man who likes to dominate in the bedroom, and Britt, a woman seeking a dominant's number for a game. Britt's willing to play, but does she trust Andre?

The one man that makes risk-taker Olivia melt is the total opposite of what she thinks she wants. Ty is an EMT who has seen what happens to adrenaline junkies. Too bad Olivia is so hot! Maybe Ty just needs to play "A Game of Risk" to find out what happens when games lead to love.

Taylor's collection is a very hot read that includes mild SandM and bondage themes. This book will keep you warm on a cold winter night! (Jul. '05, 244 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers