Janice Kaiser pens a powerful story looking behind the public vision of a powerful family in Washington, D.C.

Amory Maitland is a respected Supreme Court Justice who loves both his job and his beautiful new wife Brett. Although quite a bit younger, she is a bright law school graduate who stimulates him mentally as well as physically.

While on their honeymoon, the two stop to visit Amorys stepson, Elliot Brewster, a political attachi in India. As his visitors married life is just beginning, Elliot is watching his marriage self-destruct. Left alone briefly at a party, Elliot and Brett feel attracted to each other, but do nothing to act on it because of their love for Amory.

Five years later, now divorced, Elliot travels to Washington with his young daughter. Amory is facing a very tough abortion case before the Supreme Court, and Brett and Elliot are again thrown together. When Elliots ex-wife catches them in a compromising position, the two are torn apart.

It takes a lot to discover the course of true love, and secrets abound in the lives of these very public figures. Intertwined within is a secondary story of Amorys brother, Senator Harrison Maitland, who is torn between wife and mistress and trying to keep his dilemma hidden.

Janice Kaiser delivers a wonderful mix of politics, passions, and promises broken. (Mar., 408 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson