Image of The Privateer


Image of The Privateer

Part of MacTavish's entertaining tale is set on the high seas, but there are high jinks on land that certainly delight, thanks to charming characters and details about "the trade."

After her father's suicide, Lady Lark Eddington is thrown into debtor's prison with no hope of repaying the debt. She has scant time to worry before the Earl of Grayshire, Basil "King" Kingston, pays her bond. She fears he wants her as his mistress, but in truth, King desires her as his mother's companion. He's planning on marrying and needs his mother out of his home in Cornwall and into the dower house, and he hopes having Lark as a companion will ease the older woman's move.

King's mother is a stubborn woman, and lovely, witty, intelligent Lark is a great temptation. His plans unravel when he's recalled by the Admiralty as a privateer. His first mission results in his near death and the realization that he's in love with Lark. Marrying her is simple, but keeping her in the dark about smugglers and family secrets is difficult -- especially when misunderstandings and jealousy get in the way. (Leisure, Jan., 380 pp., $6.99)
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Kathe Robin