Joyce returns to her roots with a heated historical romance with an alpha hero and a strong heroine whose deep, powerful emotions leap off the page.

Devlin O'Neill, captain in the British Royal Navy, is bent on revenge against the Earl of Eastleigh, who killed his father. He has systematically been destroying the earl, but the coup de gras is when he captures the ship carrying Eastleigh's niece from America to England. Virginia Hughes is on her way to England to beg her uncle for the money to save her beloved Sweet Briar plantation when she is taken captive.

Joyce brings the captive/captor theme to its height as Devlin and Virginia's battle of wills heats up the pages, exploding in searing passion. But the War of 1812 looms, tearing them apart as love, duty, vengeance and redemption clash with their deep desire for their love to heal all wounds.

A powerhouse of emotion and sensuality, The Prize weaves a tapestry vibrantly colored with detail and balanced with strands of consuming passion and hatred. Joyce writes lush stories with larger-than-life characters and a depth of sensuality and emotion that touches chords within the reader and keeps them coming back for more. SENSUAL (Oct., 512 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin