When Jack Malloy closes his eyes at night, he is tormented by nightmares that are a mixture of his own terrifying childhood secret and horrifying images of Rebecca, a friend raped by white slavers. Desperate to escape his demons, Jack seeks sanctuary at his sister's ranch, only to discover Rebecca there as well. Jack wants to run from the beautiful face that haunts his nights, but Rebecca stops him. Despite the horrors she's lived through, she remains sweetly innocent with an innate goodness.

When a string of life-threatening disasters forces Jack and Rebecca to rely on one another for survival, their simmering passion ignites into an inferno. Newfound bliss gives Jack the strength to face the dark, perverted horrors of his childhood. But does he have enough courage to face Rebecca's own shocking secret?

Gorgeous cowboys and nasty bad guys make Williamson's second Malloy tale impossible to put down. This sexy, fast-paced Old West story thrills with hair- raising adventure and wry humor. Strong familial ties and characters with true depth add a heartwarming touch. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell