Image of The Probability of Miracles


Image of The Probability of Miracles

Very few books have ever made me cry, and even fewer have made me cry in front of other people. Wunder draws you in with humor and love, keeps you enthralled with oddball characters and an unusual story and doesn’t let you go until the last, tear-jerking page.

Needles and tests and doctor’s appointments have been a way of life for seven years for high school senior Cam. After all, cancer doesn’t care that she and her best friend Lily have families that love them (even if Cam’s Disney-employed, hula-dancing, Polynesian single mom and her pale blonde half-sister are untraditional) and that they’re too young to die. Neither one has completed their “flamingo List” of things to do before they die, and neither family is ready to let them go. When Cam’s doctors tell her that there is nothing left they can do, her determined mother takes the family to Promise, Maine, a town where miracles are supposed to happen. Over the course of one long summer full of purple dandelions, dolphins, unicorns and first love, Cam will find the true miracles of Promise: friendship, hope and peace — with her family, herself and finally, her cancer. (RAZORBILL, Dec., 336 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9781595143686, HC, 14 & Up)
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Raven Haller