This fourth novel in the Abram's Daughters series finds Leah and Sadie riding new bumps in their relationship as more secrets from the past come to light.

Jonas is still shunned at the decree of the rigid Gobbler's Knob bishop and lives far from home, ignorant of Leah's maidel status. Vivacious Lydiann enters the season of rumschpringe, her time of courting and freedom, to try the ways of folks outside the Amish community. Young Abe's derring-do puts his life in danger. Hannah chooses to put her faith in hex doctors. And what is happening between Abram and his dead wife's sister, Lizzie? A shocking deception revealed by the local "English" doctor sends another Gobbler's Knob resident into exile, while drawing a prodigal home.

Lewis' fascinating, though meandering, saga of Amish life reveal a universal truth—still waters often possess strong currents and cover deep secrets. The slow pace may put some readers off, but overall, it's a worthwhile read. (Oct., 320 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson