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by Olivia Gates

Genre: Series, Silhouette Desire, Current Series Imprints

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THE PRODIGAL PRINCE'S SEDUCTION (3) by Olivia Gates: What started as a ploy during a charity auction to get Prince Durante D'Agostino's attention becomes much more than Gabrielle Williamson expected. Durante has been living in self-imposed exile, swearing never to return to his country until his father, King Benedetto, is dead. Gabrielle is trying to get him to write a book for her faltering publishing company. After spending a steamy night together, she tells him her name and he leaves in a rage. But he returns -- to snare Gabrielle into marriage and to return to his country. Gates creates strong and flawed characters who battle for a future in a complicated if overly melodramatic family drama.

Reviewed By: Pat Cooper


Published: June 2009

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4.5 Stars

Average Rating: 4.5 Stars
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An Emotional Read

Submitted by Jennie on November 10, 2012 - 9:14am.

This story focuses on 2 people who find out what it means to love, truly and deeply. Two people who know what it means to be helpless watching the ones they love declining, who know what a blow betrayal can bring.
It's also deals with issues (to an extent) such as abuse in different forms, depression and other mental disorders, moving beyond your parents' limitations, learning to trust. That's what I saw in this book.
The story begins with the heroine, Gabrielle, and her mission to bring Prince Durante back to his father and his kingdom. What ensues is the most incredible, all-consuming, overwhelming love either if them have ever experienced. However, they must both overcome the pain of their pasts in order to proceed with their present and create their future.
There are lots of unexpected twists in this story and it's truly a wonderful read.