Image of A Profiler's Case for Seduction


Image of A Profiler's Case for Seduction
A PROFILER’S CASE FOR SEDUCTION (3) by Carla Cassidy: FBI agent Mark Flynn is tailing famous professor Melinda Grayson, because she is a potential suspect in a string of recent murders in Vengeance, Texas. To get to the bottom of the mystery, Mark recruits unsuspecting college student Dora Martin to help him get closer to Melinda. As he gets closer, the danger heightens and his feelings for Dora deepen. When the danger reaches Dora, Mark becomes more invested in catching Melinda, for the sake of his newfound love. Tender attraction and great chemistry between Mark and Dora make this an enjoyable read. But the weak plot and even weaker villain’s objective take away from the story.
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates