Director of research Katherine Murphy has exemplary skills, but her boss, Lydia, has given her a project that would challenge anyone: she must find a sperm donor with solid genes to father Lydia's child in two weeks. If successful, Kat will receive the promotion to vice president that she has chased for years.

When her process of asking men if they are ready for fatherhood gets her nowhere, Kat turns to her best friend, Luc, to help her. Together, they go on many "dates" with the sole purpose of finding Lydia the perfect donor and, in the process, rediscover the depths of their friendship.

When the perfect candidate backs out of the deal, Luc agrees to be Lydia's date, for Kat's sake. Bothered by the fact that Luc is enjoying the dates, Kat realizes that she is in love with him and must choose between her promotion and her heart.

Perry's book is a wacky romance that keeps readers laughing while touching them at the same time. Despite the annoyance of Kat, who is constantly spouting off trivial facts that pertain to nothing, the quirkiness of the plot keeps readers entertained and makes for a good read. (May, 320 pp., $3.99)

Reviewed by: 
Autumn M. Harrison