The two books in this anthology are related by imaginative background
history and recurring characters.
The first novella starts off with a promising erotic dream sequence,
but things go downhill quickly. The
narrative becomes disjointed and confusing. The protagonists confide that they don't understand what's going on and, unfortunately, neither will the reader.
The second story has some exciting
action scenes, but the characters in
both tales are not fully developed,
and readers will have a hard time
becoming emotionally invested.

In "Paranormal Payload," Captain Sevan Vasil is forced to land his damaged ship on an unfriendly planet, where he encounters Lorelei Janelle, the woman of his dreams. He knows they are meant for each other, but forces conspire to keep them apart.

Doctor Marisa Langston and her fiance are both on duty aboard a commission spaceship, but she's attracted to his best friend, Lieutenant Commander Bradi Janelle. When the ship is sabotaged, Marisa and Bradi escape together, and they find the "Force of Attraction" hard to deny. (New Concepts, Nov., 200 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Gail Pruszkowski