Even if it were possible to reanimate cryonicly preserved deadshould it be done? Karen Duvall explores the moral impact and obligations of this in PROJECT RESURRECTION (4). One theory is the soul departs the body after death and waits for a period of time before reincarnating into another body. When a team of scientists reanimates its first cryonic, a teenager in Toledo mysteriously becomes unconscious. LaNaya Seville, an empathic touch healer and the projects physical therapist, goes onto the astral plane to find out why she sees two tormented faces superimposed on the reanimated cryonic. She discovers that reanimation is forcing souls to share two bodies and that it is also causing a rift between this world and the next. LaNaya needs to stop the project, but evil entities on the astral plane are tempting her to surrender to the dark side. An intriguing concept vividly executed, Ms. Duvalls tale will captivate readers with her juxtaposition of science fiction, reincarnation and the paranormal. (Sep.)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper