Image of Prom and Prejudice


Image of Prom and Prejudice

Brilliant! This inspired reinterpretation of Austen’s Pride and Prejudice will thrill Austen fans and those new to the tale. Darcy, Elizabeth and company shine as teens in this upper crust boarding school. The author keeps the characters close to their roots while still putting her own twist on the tale. Like the teen classic, Clueless, Eulberg’s new novel will delight those looking for an accessible Austen adaptation.

Talented young musician Elizabeth Bennet attends the exclusive Longbourn academy on scholarship - and the other students won’t let her forget it. Her prom-crazy classmates torment her at every turn. Thankfully Elizabeth has a true friend in the beautiful but humble Jane, who has faithfully waited for the return of her almost-boyfriend Charles from his semester abroad. When Jane begs Elizabeth to be sociable to Charles’ aloof friend, Will, Elizabeth feels that she owes it to Jane.

Although Elizabeth and Will are thrown together several times, they clash repeatedly. The last straw for Elizabeth is when she finds out Will is behind her new friend, Wick, being kicked out of school. But when Wick turns out to be something other than he appeared, can Elizabeth trust Will to help save the day? (SCHOLASTIC, Jan., 240 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780545240772)

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Kate Girard