Tall, dark, arrogant and sinfully handsome, David Cassidy Crown, adopted half-breed son of the Marquise of Playden, cannot wait until he returns to the land of his birth. Raised in England, accepted in society, David feels out of place. His soul cries out for his people, the Leni Lenape, and Enolowin, the big, sprawling estate in New Eden, Pennsylvania.

A bit on the willful side, Brianna Cassidy Crown, David's adopted cousin, excels at everything she sets her mind to, and with her first sighting of David, she sets out to have him. But she has her work cut out for her, for he thinks of her as nothing but a child. Brianna is determined to prove otherwise.

As David comes to know her better, he admires Brianna's zest for life, her quick smile and her quest for adventure. But he realizes they are from different worlds-he a half-breed, she the daughter of a wealthy landowner.

He turns to grandfather Lokwelend's journals for solace and a sense of belonging. Will it be Brianna who touches his heart and helps him find his way home or will an enemy from England destroy their future before it can even begin?

THE PROMISE, a spin off of The Untamed, concludes Ms. Michaels trilogy. Written by one of the most talented writers in the industry, it brings together a young man's quest to find himself and a young woman's promise of everlasting love. SENSUAL (June, 308 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond