The Quinn family's journey to Ireland gives Fiona McClain Quinn a chance to show her children pieces of their past. Her tale begins in the early 1900s with "Aidan's Promise." Childhood comrades Jack Quinn and Aidan McClain are loyal friends until a broken promise and a startling sexual secret rip their friendship apart.

For the second generation, "Donal's Promise" wrecks havoc and heartache. Donal McClain vows to watch over Rory Quinn's love when Rory leaves for war, but instead Donal claims her for his own.

Fiona accounts for her own life in "Fiona's Promise." She relives her early happiness with her husband and the years of heartache and regret that follow after she deserts her family.

Hoffmann beautifully captures the rich history and the tragic struggles of the Irish. The Promise connects to her Harlequin Temptation miniseries, The Mighty Quinns. (Feb., 448 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mitchell