Donna Boyd's stories are hypnotic, mesmerizing and suspenseful. Part fantasy, part romantic suspense and part magic, THE PROMISE keeps readers so riveted to the page that they will hate to see it end. This is fabulous writing and a gripping read for the adventurous.

In The Passion, we learned of a race of werewolves who control much of the worlds power and wealth and of one man whose love for a human caused a rift in the pack. In THE PROMISE, the plane of pack leader Nicholas Devoncroix crashes in the Alaskan wilderness and as he lies in his wolf form near death, he is rescued by naturalist Hannah Braselt on North.

Hannah has left civilization behind for wild animals. When she comes upon the beautiful wounded male wolf, she finds a book: a memoir of a werewolfs life and his doomed love for the woman Brianna.

Hannah is convinced the book is a work of fiction, but she is haunted by the beauty of the writing and painfully tragic story it tells. She begins to wonder if the book and her wounded wolf are connected. But an edict issued by Nicholas forbidding human and wolf relations has gone into effect and his enemies are searching for him even as she tries to nurse him back to health.

(Nov., 352 pp., $23.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin