Betrothed since childhood to Margaret Kincaid, Highland chieftain Ian MacGregor returns to Dunlevy Keep to claim his bride.

Margaret's younger sister, Sabrina, not his bride, catches his eye. He has not seen her since their youth when he fostered at Dunlevy. Intrigued by her wild and winsome ways then, he is enchanted with her fiery beauty now. As he witnesses her father's coldness toward Sabrina, he feels compelled to protect the proud, warm-hearted lass.

Sabrina has never been able to forget the wild highland prince who was her childhood friend, and she is drawn to the dark somber Highlander despite her efforts to the contrary.

When Margaret disappears and is presumed drowned, Ian maneuvers to wed Sabrina, partly because of his attraction to her, and partly because he fears her spirited personality will eventually dim if she remains with her harsh father. Drawn inexorably to each other, Sabrina and Ian cannot fight the overwhelming emotions at war within.

Upon reaching MacGregor Castle, Sabrina hears the dark rumors concerning the death of his stepmother and father. Those rumors soon grow into something that will threaten the very core of their marriage.

Samantha James enthralls readers once again with a provocative love story shrouded in mystery and the wild beauty of the Highlands. Ian and Sabrina's tale will capture your heart as they discover the love of a lifetime. SENSUAL(Jan., 379 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox