Reading PROMISE OF GOLD is the next best thing to going on a treasure hunt yourself. This roller-coaster-style adventure set in the warm Caribbean islands comes complete with a fiery heroine, domineering hero, treasure map and a sunken Spanish ship filled with antiquities.

Archeologist Derek Carlisle, Viscount Graystone, travels to Cuba to steal a journal that promises to lead him to sunken treasure. But even though flamenco dancer Rosa Constanza Wright beats him to it, he's accused of the theft and imprisoned in Don Geraldo's dungeon.

Feeling responsible for Derek's imprisonment, Rosa is determined to help him. So, when she sets him free, she insists on becoming his partner.

Their search for the Spanish galleon leads from Cuba through the blue Caribbean waters and into a paradise made for lovers. Not only do Derek and Rosa discover the treasure, but also a passionate love that will enable them to defeat Don Geraldo and preserve the galleon's secrets.

With vivid details of the journey, the exotic locale and her wonderfully three-dimensional characters, Kristen Kyle makes you feel as if you are a part of the story. You will swim with the dolphins, fight off enemies and find love with a bold archeologist who does not mind being bested by a beautiful woman.

Ms. Kyle is one of the finest adventure romance writers. Her original plotlines, unforgettable characters and thrilling escapades will definitely hold you captive from first page to last. SENSUAL (Apr., 385 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin