For the past year, Juliette Monroe and 5-year-old son Billy have been on the run, hiding from her dangerous ex-husband, David Blankenship. Juliette settles in Riverton, Kansas, and enrolls Billy in the Tiny Tot's Daycare center while she works as a substitute teacher.

But David finds her and takes her hostage at the preschool. Det. Nick Corelli gets the call and senses the situation could be disastrous. During negations with David, Nick learns he is obsessed with his ex-wife. Nick asks Juliette to promise David anything to get him to release the kids. They're successful, but David is even more enraged when he realizes Juliette lied to him. Now he wants revenge even more.

Both Nick and Juliette are disturbed when David's money and a canny lawyer get him out on bail. David continues stalking his family, but he has alibis that cover his actions. Only Nick realizes how very dangerous this current situation is. Can he protect Juliette and Billy?

A dangerous killer who knows how to work the system adds an intense layer of fear to this impressive thriller. Juliette and Nick are damaged individuals with a lot to give, if they can find a way to survive and heal. (Jul., 368 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith