After her parents die in a suspicious accident, Kira Farseaker commits to finishing their quest by safely transporting the Shifters off the planet Narava before her evil ex-husband, Ennoren, destroys them all. She swears to do anything to keep the Shifters safe. They are almost extinct as it is.

Kira teams up with an unlikely suspect, David Cario, Ennorens Officer of the Guard. His own sister was executed for treasonous acts related to saving the Shifters. David worked hard to earn Ennorens trust and infiltrate his inner sanctions. Now that he has succeeded, David is determined to find out what Ennoren is up to and why. When Kira and David get together, sparks fly, but because of their secrets, neither can trust the other.

This fast-paced science fiction adventure grabbed my attention from the first page. Isabo Kelly did a wonderful job of creating this fictional world of Earthlings and aliens. I particularly enjoyed the relationship that grew between Kira and David. As a reader of both science fiction and romance books, I feel this book satisfied my craving for both. ($5.00 dl, $5.50 dk)

Reviewed by: 
Kathy Boswell