Image of The Promise of Love


Image of The Promise of Love

The Promise of Love is a delightful collection of tales of love discovered between former acquaintances, old friends and not quite strangers. All of the stories are good, but Douglas’ stands out.

“Shelter From the Storm” by Foster has abused child Sabrina rescued by Roy and his parents. Now 25, Sabrina still turns to Roy for comfort while longing for a more intimate relationship. Pregnant and alone, Sara Parker returns to Kentucky and Travis, the friend who has always been there for her in McCarthy’s “Take Me Home.” Deputy marshal Jack Killigrew looks after his best friend’s widow without touching, until she makes that impossible in “Razor’s Edge” by Day. Denton’s “Midnight Rendezvous” has playwright Burnett Dupree facing writer’s block until his landlady takes a midnight swim — naked. The “Dime Store Cowboy” is Mark Conner, a New York editor who quits his job and heads west to Colorado and a job on a dude ranch in a delightful tale by Douglas. Lastly, Rocco Vincente is sent by his editor to cover Rocco’s high school reunion in a town he never planned to return to, only to discover forgotten treasures in Love’s “Life in the Past Lane.” (BERKLEY SENSATION, May, 313 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley