Courtenay Shelburn has spent five years dreaming of revenge against his wife. She had run away with his best friend two months after their wedding. She ruined his reputation, stole his pride and, her worst offense, left him still wanting her.

Now, Philippa is back with her young son. She tried to tell Court years before of her innocence but he refused to believe her. Instead of cowering before him she stands tall and strong, determined to do what is best for her son-even if it means keeping secrets.

Young Kip, with his striking resemblance to Court, breaks through all the barriers Court has around his heart and makes him wish the three could be a family. However, the past and the resulting mistrust that divides Court and Philippa must be buried before their love can be rekindled.

PROMISE ME is a story rich in history. Kathleen Harrington has joined two scarred characters searching for love and readers' hearts will melt. SENSUAL (May, 408 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson