When sports agent Myron Bolitar overhears his girlfriend's teenage daughter and her friend, Aimee, talking about getting into a car with a drunken driver, he offers to help them if they ever need anything. When he gets a call from Aimee in the middle of the night, he picks her up and drops her off at a friend's house. That's the last anyone sees of her.

Previously, another teenage girl, a classmate of Aimee's, had disappeared, and there are similarities in the cases. After Myron goes through routine police questioning, he tries to explain that he knows nothing about the disappearance of the first girl to her father, who, rumor has it, is connected to the mob. Dealing with the girls' disappearances, Myron jeopardizes his friendship with the parents, causes his new girlfriend to back away and almost gets killed.

After a six-year absence, Myron reappears as a new man. He has a special woman in his life and has sworn off of violence. Coben, an old hand at writing suspense, is at his best with this novel. Myron's life, and the book, take many twists right up until the shocking conclusion. (May, 384 pp., $26.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lorraine Gelly