Maura Adams is returning to her beloved India after living with her aunt following her parents deaths. She relishes the sights and sounds that greet her as she and her cousins dock in Bombay. They have returned to India for one cousin to meet her betrothed and the other, her husband, the British Resident of Bhunapore.

Maura and Captain Ross Hamilton, their escort, are at odds from the moment they meet in Bombay. Against her will, Maura becomes more and more attracted to Ross. Ross Hamilton is mesmerized by the feisty beauty who loves India with the same passion as he. Where most of the English ladies seem to wilt under the harsh Indian sun, Maura thrives.

Maura immerses herself in the Indian customs. When she befriends Kushna Begum, a highborn Mohammadan, she sets forces into motion that will unite her and Ross. Entangled in a dangerous plot to start another uprising, Maura and Ross find a way to bring peace to Bhunapore.

PROMISE ME PARADISE is an exotic tale brimming with the flavor of Eastern culture. Ross and Mauras tales will warm your heart as you live their fascinating adventures. SENSUAL (Sep., 392 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor