Image of Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel)


Image of Promise Me Texas (A Whispering Mountain Novel)

Thomas’ stories make everyone believe Texas is the greatest place on earth, and as she brings an unlikely pair of lovers together in an adventurous romance, readers will wish they could visit Whispering Mountain. The depth of emotion, tenderness and heartfelt warmth that make Thomas a fan favorite are written into another wonderful, memorable tale.

A few hours before her wedding, Beth McMurray is on a midnight train to Dallas spying on her fiancé, a powerful Texas senator, when she overhears his heartless remarks about her and their future. Nothing could be more hurtful, or so she thinks, until there’s a train wreck and Beth lands on top of a train robber. Andrew McLaughlin is a writer, not an outlaw, but when he awakens after being injured in the wreck, he’s not about to argue with the beautiful woman who claims him as her husband. Andrew plays along with Beth and as they pick up two boys searching for their father, a young woman in search of a home and a cowboy in need of saving, Andrew wonders what he’s gotten himself into. As the rag-tag bunch makes their way to Whispering Mountain, they have to confront danger from Beth’s ruthless fiancé and an outlaw gang. Andrew has loved and lost, making him wary of loving again, but Beth and their “family” have this writer thinking of settling down for real. (BERKLEY, Nov., 320 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin