If you’re not a fan of Regency historicals, Evans’ seductive second in the Disgraced Lords series will change your mind in a jiffy. This passionate story is completely captivating, moves fast and nails the details of its time period. The gradual sexual tension between the characters and their unexpected romance will raise eyebrows and keep readers absorbed throughout the entire length of the novel, which leaves just enough room for a continuation.

Sebastian Hawthorne, Lord Coldhurst, has committed murder. Although he didn’t mean to kill the man during the duel, the crime is still considered a capital offense. Beatrice Hennessey is determined to confront Sebastian for killing her brother and will stop at nothing to save her family from going broke. Sebastian suggests they marry, since it’s the least he can do after basically stealing her family’s financial security. Although he will regret his wrongdoing forever, and Beatrice will have a tough time pushing her bitterness aside, their epic attraction cannot be denied. After they wed, secrets surrounding the murder of Beatrice’s brother surface and could make or break their vows. (READLOVESWEPT.COM, dl $2.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jaime A. Geraldi