Heiress to a nearly defunct stage company, Megan Adams finds herself fighting not only the encroaching railroad, but also an unrelenting band of thieves. No matter how careful she is about her next payroll delivery for the railroad, the thieves know when to strike. Her desperate situation becomes worse when she is kidnapped by the gang.

To pay off an old debt, Lucas McCain goes undercover in the band of thieves. An investigator for Union Pacific, he believes Megan is the gangs leader and she masterminded her own abduction. Taking her and the money as evidence, he escapes the others and continues with his true missionfinding the man who murdered his family.

As they traverse the territory and fail to find Lucass prey, the two become intimate. Despite their new love, he locks her up to go after his enemy but returns after his hearts revelation. Despite a reunion, Lucas and Megan cannot find peace until the thief is caught and Lucass past is buried for good.

In the second book of her Roses series, Ms. Betts again delivers a solid, predictable tale. Snappy dialogue makes this a quick read, but gentle readers beware: there is a graphic description of a childs murder. SENSUAL (Jul., 310 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black