This is a wonderful paranormal romance that science fiction fans will also enjoy. The deceptive marriage is presented in an acceptable way, and the introduction of psi-mates is fascinating. The virgin hero and heroine are totally believable and a nice change from the usual experienced ones. Readers will be left with a strong desire for more stories involving these captivating heroes.

Aliens are not well tolerated on Dakar. Yet when Rianna Chartier is forced to crash-land there, Prince Jhaan san deCain discovers that this alien is his woman, his psi-mate. Having searched for her for many years, he's shocked to learn that she's an off-worlder, just as he is about to solidify his claim as heir to the Dakar throne.

Unfortunately, Rianna is a princess of Salazar and betrothed to another. Tricked into marriage with Jhaan, Rianna soon accepts the rightness of their being together. However, others have no desire to see their union prosper. They must discover who the enemy is before Rianna is killed -- which, because of their psychic connection -- would also result in Jhaan's death. (Samhain, Oct., 288 pp., $14.50)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley