Image of Promises in the Dark (Shadow Force, Book 2)


Image of Promises in the Dark (Shadow Force, Book 2)

Tyler is a master of suspense. Book two in the Shadow Force series has the same intense level of steamy passion and gut-clenching suspense as its predecessor, Lie With Me. A gripping and complex plot mingles well with complicated and emotional characters.

Dr. Olivia Strohm was abducted to serve the whims of DMH, a terrorist organization. They forced drugs into her system, determined to keep her under their control. But Olivia isn’t willing to be their pawn. She escapes, purges the drugs from her system and does the best she can alone in Africa. When Zane Scott arrives to rescue her, a dark secret prevents her from returning to the States. Zane will never forget the screams in the dark as DMH abducted Olivia. Now that she’s free, Zane discovers she’s not so willing to go home. Before he can find out why, they’re on the run for their lives. The only way to save Olivia and himself is to destroy DMH and its leader. Secrets, personal agendas and an intense attraction may prove lethal. (DELL Dec., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Annette Elton