Image of Promises in Death


Image of Promises in Death

Death is familiar to Lt. Eve Dallas and her crew, but that doesn't stop this new case from hitting at their emotional core. In this taut series' 28th chapter, Robb explores how similar circumstances can lead people to make divergent choices. The murder takes on a sense of urgency, and the raw emotions it exposes make this a riveting, unputdownable book.

Eve is called in on a case where the victim is not only one of their own but also the love interest of Eve's friend, chief medical examiner Morris. Amarylis Coltraine only recently transferred from Atlanta to New York, but she quickly impacted those around her. Someone surprised her outside her apartment and killed her with her own weapon. When Amarylis' weapons and badge are sent to Eve with an ominously threatening note, she only becomes more determined. Did Amarylis' death have to do with one of her cases, or with something from her past in Atlanta? Both Eve and Roarke are disconcerted to discover some disturbing parallels to their own lives. (PUTNAM, Feb., 352 pp., $26.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith