Image of Promises in Paradise : Summer Brides (Kimani Romance #194)


Image of Promises in Paradise : Summer Brides (Kimani Romance #194)
PROMISES IN PARADISE (3) by Sandra Kitt: Attorney and lobbyist Hale Cameron owes his success to Adam Maxwell, who took him in as a wayward teen and helped him to overcome his troubled background. Adam’s physician daughter Diane has resented Hale since their thwarted romance when she was a teen. When they meet in the Virgin Islands to celebrate the holidays with her family, Diane lets her guard down and really gets to know Hale, yet her insecurities and past feelings creep in at every opportunity to hurt their burgeoning romance. Hale, who is undoubtedly the most patient man in existence, struggles with Diane’s unresolved issues regarding his background. Diane’s treatment of him, sometimes abominable, though explained through the story, causes her to appear shallow.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie R. Sims