Londoner Harriet Grey discovers that she's lost her purse minutes after meeting the dashing John Mackenzie on a busy street. When he lends her money for a cab, she insists on repaying him. She gets his phone number and they agree that she can pay him back by buying him a drink sometime.

Although there is no denying Harriet is attracted to John, she has also heard from a gossipy friend that he was already involved with someone else. Harriet and John's paths continue to cross, but she just can't quite figure him out. Does he want to cheat on his girlfriend? Did he dump his girlfriend? Does he even like Harriet?

While this novel has some funny and romantic moments as well as some interesting plot twists, it's about 100 pages too long and suffers from having too many supporting characters. They—and their problems—get in the way. (Nov., 416 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Samantha J. Gust