Penelope Harwood has long felt the effects of her father's bad investment decisions and fears that her family is close to losing everything. Her father isn't a bad man; he's been misguided and cheated by an unscrupulous rogue. When the nephew of this scoundrel rogue. When the nephew of this scoundrel comes to offer her father an investment opportunity, she is instantly antagonistic. Christopher, Lord Nevin, is determined to recover the honor and dignity of his family name, even as he struggles to understand the rules a gentleman must follow to achieve PROPER CONDUCT (3). Shannon Donnelly pens a charming romance that revisits characters first introduced in a previous work. The dark, fascinating gypsy hero is neatly offset by the lively family of a young women who draws him like a magnet in spite of her disapproval. The secondary characters in Ms. Donnelly's tale create a sense of energy and fun that make this book just the ticket for a cozy evening of entertainment. (Dec., 256 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck