Adam Drake has taken every precaution to ensure his new bride doesn't bring scandal to his door. He is well acquainted with her mother's paintings of nudes and her father's mistresses. He fears that by ensuring she appear the proper wife he has squashed the natural spirit that first attracted him to her. Addy Drake never enjoyed her parents' carefree ways; she's frequently embarrassed by them. Now, confronted by her husband's rigid standards she briefly longs for the way her life used to be. When Abby writes a letter to Vicar Humbly who married them, it's up to the now-retired man of the cloth to set things right. The first in a trilogy of stories about newlywed couples married by the match-making Vicar Humbly, Debbie Raleigh's A PROPER MARRIAGE (4) is a wonderfully told story of finding love where you least expect it. (Oct., 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Angela Keck and Teresa Roebuck