Molly Sweet might be a cook for a bawdy house, but she is as respectable as they come. So when her friend persuades her to masquerade as a doxy to help a charming and handsome young swell dupe his irascible father, she is determined to maintain her virtue in spite of the feelings she develops for her gentleman.

Theo Winslow finds his "sweet Sweet" to be irresistible, in spite of his belief that she is of the oldest profession. When his brother attempts to take liberties with her and his father continues to alienate the two sons, Molly decides that enough is enough and runs back to London. Will Theo let her leave or will their love be enough to make her A PROPER MISTRESS of his home and his heart?

This is a delightfully offbeat romp with an engaging set of young lovers and a good cast of supporting players to round out the ensemble. Shannon Donnelly has a knack for making the unlikely believable and highly enjoyable. (May, 224 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck