Unfortunately, the heroine’s actions in the novella make little sense. Why would she seek out a man who has been instrumental in hurting her in the past? While revenge is a good excuse, Lauren feels so much shame when she is with Justin, that it makes no sense that she would choose to be with him. However, Dimon writes with such wit and humor that these questions are soon forgotten. In only a few short chapters, the author is able to create intriguing characters that have fantastic interactions. Their past pain as well as the pleasure they find together is described in a realistic way that has the reader rooting for a happy ending.

During their marriage Lauren’s husband did everything he could to break down her self-esteem. The last straw was when he brought another man into their marriage bed. Recently divorced, Lauren is now looking for revenge so she turns to the other man in the threesome in hopes of exorcising the past. But Justin has always wanted Lauren and he doesn’t want to just be part of her painful past – he wants her for his future and is willing to work to get her. (SAMHAIN, May, $2.50)


Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne