Returning from bitter years spent fighting Bonaparte, Colonel Lord St. John Sandiford, in a cheeky twist on the usual Regency plot, must marry a heiress in order to save the family name and avoid selling their estate to pay debts. The Colonel has complicated his duty, however, by vowing to avoid women of his own class because they, like his mother, havent modesty, simplicity nor temperance.

The first time he meets Clarissa Beaumont, reigning belle of the ton, she mistakes him for a servant and orders him to take care of her horse. The next time they meet, shes introduced as the person who can help him find an appropriate wifean appropriately wealthy wife.

The bold and bewitching Clarissa will be recognizable to readers of Julia Justisss previous Regency, as will Lady Sarah and Lord Englemere, who are prominent secondary characters.

Julia Justiss skillfully blends traditional Regency attention to detail with a touch of humor and of irony, but, best of all, with a witty love story. Sensual (Jul., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger