Fans eagerly anticipating the second book from Elizabeth Haydon will find their highest hopes fulfilled in PROPHECY (4.5G). After making an amazing journey from the doomed island of Serendair, Rhapsody and her two Firbolg companions traverse both time and distance to make their home in an abandoned fortress in Ylorc.

But while Achmed and Grunthor busy themselves with establishing an independent Firbolg state, Rhapsody finds herself more and more fascinated by her new acquaintance, the enigmatic Ashe. Is he possessed by a demon, or is he just a man with secrets he cannot share? And does she dare accept his help to stem the chaos fomented by the evil Fdor, whose dedication to destruction threatens the continued existence of the whole world?

The superlative Ms. Haydon elevates craftsmanship to a new level of excellence as she deftly weaves mythology into high fantasy, catching our hearts with the extraordinary power and intensity of both characters and concepts. This series already has landmark written all over it.

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer