William Jennings has an unhealthy view of women, believing they are nothing but pretenders. Yet when three young orphans are deposited on his doorstep, hes certainly in need of one.

Thomas, James and Penny help William see what is lacking in his life, and set out to open his eyes about the lovely Marianne Walker. They dont know that he had asked Marianne to be his wife and was turned down. Will the childrens attempts cause William to ask for Mariannes hand again? If so, will she accept?

Not a typical romance, the hero and heroine dont meet until almost halfway through the book. The omnipresent point of view is a little distracting, causing the story to lack a great deal of warmth. Lovely English countryside, customs, and characters dominate this first book in the series. (Jan., 300 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston