Judith Ivory recreates Pygmalion with a wonderful twist: a sensual, delightful, My Fair Gentleman.

When linguist Lady Edwina Bollash agrees to turn rat catcher Mick Tremore into a gentleman in six weeks time, she has no idea what she is getting into. Shes up to the challenge of teaching the brash, handsome man correct speech and societys rules, but emotionally, she is ill-prepared for his assault on her senses. Mick likes women, especially woman with long legs like Edwinas, and hes out to uncover the sensual woman beneath the ladys exterior.

Mick is an excellent student, but outside the classroom, he becomes the teacher. Edwina needs to come out of her shell. Suddenly Edwina finds herself attending Xaviers ball, passing Mick off as a gentleman, but what she doesnt realize is that she has been drawn into anothers plot and that there is much more to Mick than meets the eye.

Wonderful characters, delightful dialogue and a cant-miss plot lineTHE PROPOSITION is funny, tender, sexy and one of the most endearing booksof the year. Judith Ivory uses her fine writing skills like a master storyteller and brings people, animals and a setting to life. Read and enjoy! SENSUAL (Jan., 380 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin