Cannell provides readers with a quick, entertaining mystery. Most fun is Scully’s new partner Hitch, who views the whole case as a potential movie deal, giving the novel a great, Hollywood-insider feel. And the plot — a deadly party full of hookers and a cold case — could easily be envisioned on the big (or little) screen, and that’s a lot of the fun here.

Detective Shane Scully and his wife are leaving a work holiday party when the call comes in: There’s been a triple murder at a pool party outside a long-neglected mansion. Scully and his new, rather annoying partner Hitch — whom no one else in the department wants to work with, after he struck gold by selling the movie rights to his last big case — discover an errant bullet at the scene, leading them to a decades-old murder-suicide that just doesn’t add up. As the case gets twis-tier, Hitch gets more excited at the potential for another Hollywood sale, annoying Scully — though the extra cash sure would be nice, right? (ST. MARTIN’S, Nov., 320 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Marie Bongiorno