Image of The Protected


Image of The Protected

An excellent addition to the FBI Psychics series, this story showcases Walker’s talent. Her writing just gets better and better. Her characters are complex and multidimensional, both the guys and the women. Her plots twist in very interesting ways, never giving fans the feeling that they’ve read this one before. The sex is sizzling, but never intrudes on the plot. A bonus with this series is that readers can jump in anytime. Although there is certainly backstory that will make newcomers curious, everything needed for the story is there, and not in huge chunks of exposition. This is a taut, beautifully written thriller readers won’t want to miss.

Vaughn has taken all the leave she can afford to recover from her last case. She gets assigned an “easy” gig, monitoring a kid and his guardian. The kid is a talented psychic, the guardian an unknown — but a hot-looking one — and somebody is after them. Gus has been on the run with his nephew, Alex, for several years. He is a little suspicious about the gorgeous new neighbor, but not ready to uproot Alex again and run for it. It doesn’t take long for trouble to screw up Vaughn’s assignment. There are definitely people after the kid; they are psychic and they are ruthless. Gus wants to ditch Vaughn, but she is the only link to somebody who can save Alex. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Sep., 400 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan