The reader knows the secret of the diamonds early on, but it’s still fun to watch the case unfold in this nonstop action adventure. Duplicitous characters of the worst sort enliven the pages, while allies appear at fortuitous moments. Graham and Britannia’s second chance at love adds dimension to the story.

When Britannia’s purse goes missing in a market in London, and she returns to her hotel room to find it ransacked, she seeks assistance from Graham, the man she divorced and left behind six years before. On her way to meet him, she’s accosted by a man demanding diamonds she knows nothing about. Luckily Graham arrives on the scene in time to rescue her. In the next day’s headlines, Britannia discovers she’s wanted for the murder of a business associate. Graham and Britannia run into a brick wall when they take their case to Scotland Yard, and now they’re both on the run and wanted for murder.(CHERYLBOLEN.COM, dl $2.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown