Image of Protecting the Pregnant Witness


Image of Protecting the Pregnant Witness

PROTECTING THE PREGNANT WITNESS (4.5) by Julie Miller: The long-awaited end to the Rich Girl Killer saga within Miller’s popular KCPD series is a terrifying ride into the mind of a lunatic and a look into the battered heart of a man afraid to love. KCPD SWAT member Sgt. Rafe Delgado promised his late partner he’d watch over the man’s daughter — not seduce her on the front seat of his pickup after a particularly nasty operation had gone south. So, with his guilt mounting, Rafe has avoided pretty nursing student Josie Nichols, even as he watches out for her. It’s no surprise that Josie’s not telling him about the baby they made — until she’s the sole witness to a murder that might capture the man who has been torturing and terrifying Kansas’ elite for months. Now Rafe will do whatever it takes to save the family he didn’t know he wanted from death at the hands of an elusive and sadistic killer.

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper